The Old Ghost Road

In the North West corner of the South Island of New Zealand a ghost has awakened.

Quickly becoming known as a ‘bucket-list’ attraction, New Zealand’s longest single-track resurrects an old gold miners’ route between the ghost town of Lyell in the Buller Gorge and Seddonville on the West Coast. With expertly cut track and comfortable sleeping huts in an environment dominated by ancient rainforest, rocky mountain tops and a rugged river gorge, this is a premier multi-day backcountry experience.

While not for the faint-of-heart or inexperienced, if you match your capability and prepare appropriately, The Old Ghost Road will reward the fit and experienced adventurer with a premier multi-day backcountry experience.

To broaden the audience and to make the trail more accessible to a range of appetites, a set of new exciting packages – Old Ghost Adventures – has been created.  Old Ghost Adventures include such options as helicopter assists to the astounding alpine tops, helicopter luggage assists, rustic luxury accommodation to start or end your journey, end-to-end transport shuttles, heli-biking or heli-hiking and even rafting the Mokihinui Gorge as the final leg of your journey.

Trail Accommodation

The Old Ghost Road has different accommodation options that are inspired by gold mining towns. The settlements consist of an insulated communal hut, two mild-weather ‘summer sleepouts’ and a designated tent site. In addition to these settlements, two other pre-existing huts with varying facilities (Mokihinui Forks and Goat Creek) are located along the trail.

Advance bookings are required for the main hut sites. Detailed information and bookings can be found and completed at

Visit the official website for more details.

Photo credits: Hage Photo and Sven Martin

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