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Intercity Coaches

Intercity Coaches operate throughout New Zealand. They offer comfortable seats with great views. Intercity have a number of Travel Passes available to purchase if traveling around New Zealand this can make it a more affordable option.

Greymouth i-SITE are the authorized Intercity Booking Agents.

Intercity Coaches depart from Greymouth at 1.30pm, North and South on a limited schedule.

  • Greymouth to Nelson via Punakiaki & Westport 1.30pm, arriving Nelson 7.30pm, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s.
  • Greymouth to Fox Glacier via Hokitika & Franz Josef 1.30pm, arriving Fox Glacier 5.30pm, Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

Intercity Passes

Flexi Pass: New Zealand’s most flexible transport pass is the Flexi Pass based on the hours of travel, there are options to suit all itineraries long or short! This pass also includes one Interislander Ferry crossing.

Travel Pass: The freedom to explore New Zealand like a local, this pass is based on the most popular travel routes. Extra “Bonus” deals for activities included in some of these tours!

Flexi Trips: Is similar to a Flexi Pass but instead of being based on number of hours traveled it is based per trip traveled. From 5 trips to 20 trips, the more trips you buy, the more you save!

Bookings are essential during Summer Season Nov- March 

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Intercity Coaches Timetable

Nelson – Greymouth Timetable


Nelson, 7.15 am – Outside Travel Centre 27 Bridge Street

Nelson i-SITE, 7.18 am – Outside Nelson i-SITE

Tahunanui, 7.21 am – Outside On The Rocks Restaurant

Stoke, 7.23 am – Bus Shelter outside Tennis Courts

Garin College, 7.26 am – Garin College, Champion Road

Richmond, 7.30 am – Outside Richmond Hotel & Holiday Park

Hope, 7.37 am – Outside Hope Corner Store

Brightwater, 7.40 am – Outside Brightwater Four Square

Wakefield, 7.45 am – Outside Caltex Gas Station

Belgrove, 7.50 am – Opposite Belgrove Bar and Cafe

Kohatu, 8.05 am – Coach Stop, Main Road Junction

Korere, 8.10 am – Junction with SH6 & Top-house Road

Kawatiri, 8.25 am – Old Railway Platform

Owen River, 8.50 am – Outside Owen River Hotel

Murchison, 9.20 am – Outside Beechwoods Cafe

Lyell, 9.50 am – Upper Buller Gorge Road, 40 meters north of Lyell Track

Inangahua Junction, 10.05 am – Outside General Store

Westport, 10.45 am – Outside Westport i-SITE

Westport Caltex, 10.50 am – Outside Caltex Gas Station

Charleston, 11.20 am – Main Road

Tiromoana, 11.30 am – Main Highway

Fox River, 11.32 – Main Road

Truman Track, 11.45 am – Truman Track Car park

Punakaiki, 12.35 pm – Adjacent Pancake Rocks Cafe

Punakaiki Resort, 12.37 pm – Outside Punakaiki Resort

Barrytown, 12.45 pm – Outside All Nations Hotel

Runanga, 1.00 pm – Outside Runanga Top Shop

Arrives Greymouth, 1.15 pm – Greymouth Railway Station/ i-SITE

Greymouth – Nelson Timetable

Departs Greymouth, 1.30 pm – Outside Greymouth Railway Station/ i-SITE

Runanga, 1.40 pm – Outside Runanga Top Shop

Barrytown, 1.55 pm – Outside All Nation Hotel

Punakaiki Resort, 2.11 pm – Outside Punakaiki Resort

Punakaiki, 3.00 pm – Opposite Pancake Rocks Cafe

Truman Track, 3.04 pm – Te Nikau Resort

Fox River, 3.10 pm – Main Road

Tiromoana, 3.17 pm – Main Highway

Charleston, 3.40 pm – Main Road

Westport, 3.50 pm – Outside Westport i-SITE

Westport Caltex, 3.55 pm – Caltex Gas Station

Inangahua Junction, 4.35 pm – Outside General Store

Lyell, 4.50 pm – Upper Buller Gorge Road, pull over area at the entrance to Lyell track

Murchison, 5.35 pm – Beechwoods Cafe

Owen River, 5.45 pm – Outside Owen River Hotel

Kawatiri, 6.00 pm – Outside Old Railway Platform

Korere, 6.15 pm – Junction with SH6 & Top house Road

Kohatu, 6.20 pm – Outside coach stop, main road

Belgrove, 6.30 pm – Opposite Belgrove Bar and Cafe

Wakefield, 6.40 pm – Opposite Caltex Gas Station

Brightwater, 6.45 pm – Outside Brightwater Four Square

Hope, 6.50 pm – Outside Hope Corner Store

Richmond, 6.55 pm – Outside Information Centre

Garin College, 7.00 pm – Outside Garin College

Stoke, 7.05 pm – Outside Fire Station

Tahunanui, 7.10 pm – Outside Nellie Nightingale Library

Arrives Nelson, 7.15 pm – Outside Travel Centre

Fox Glacier – Greymouth Timetable

Departs Fox Glacier, 8.30 am – Outside Fox Glacier Guiding

Terrace Motel, 9.04 am – Outside Terrace Motel

Franz Josef YHA, 9.12 am – Franz Josef YHA

Glacier View Motel, 9.22 am – Outside Glacier View Motel

Okarito Turn Off, 9.35 am – Main Road Okarito Turn Off

Whataroa, 9.45 am – Outside Whataroa Store

Harihari, 10.40 am – Outside Pukeko Tea Rooms

Bushman’s Centre, 11.15 am – Bushman’s Centre

Ross, 11.20 am – Outside Maneras Store

Hokitika, 12.20 pm – Outside Hokitika Travel Centre and Kiwi house

Hokitika i-SITE, 12.22 pm – Outside Hokitika i-SITE

Awatuna, 12.40 pm – Main Road

Kumara Junction, 12.50 pm – Intercity Coach Stop

Paroa, 1.05 pm – Outside Paroa Store

Arrives Greymouth, 1.15 pm – Outside Greymouth Railway Station/ i-SITE

Greymouth – Fox Glacier Timetable

Departs Greymouth, 1.30 pm – Greymouth Railway Station/ i-SITE

Paroa, 1.35 pm – Outside Paroa Store

Kumara Junction, 1.50 pm- Outside Intercity Coach Stop

Awatuna, 1.55 pm – Main Road

Hokitika, 3.00 pm – Outside Hokitika Travel Centre & Kiwi House

Hokitika i-SITE, 3.02 pm – Outside Hokitika i-SITE

Ross, 3.20 pm – Outside Maneras Store

Bushman’s Centre, 3.35 pm – Outside Bushman’s Centre

Harihari, 3.50 pm – Outside Pukeko Tea Rooms

Whataroa, 4.20 pm – Outside Whataroa Store

Okarito Turn off, 4.45 pm – Main Road

Franz Josef YHA, 5.00 pm – Outside Franz Josef YHA

Franz Josef, 5.05 pm – Outside Franz Josef Bus Stop

Arrives Fox Glacier 5.40 pm – Outside Fox Glacier Guiding